Monday, October 11th, 2010

The value of Bangladesh Supreme Court apparently took a big plunge under it’s new leader Justice Khairul Haque.

Few months ago, the market rate of the honor of Bangladesh Supreme Court was 100,000 taka and six months jail sentence. That was under the leadership of former Chief Justice Fazlul Karim.The full bench of the court decided that rate when they sentenced newspaper editor Mahmudur Rahman for a report what they thought was truthful yet contemptuous of court.

So it was a matter of huge public curiosity when the same editor Mahmudur Rahman was brought back to the highest court for a second contempt of court case against him. And again the three men ( two men short this time, as two seniormost judges are not working out of ‘oviman’ as they were superseded by JusticeKhairul haque to be Chief Justice) found editor Mahmudur Rahman guilty of contempt of court.

However there was a difference in sentencing. Justice Khairul Haque led court  only sentenced editor Mahmudur Rahman a fine of 100 taka and no jail term. A major plunge from 100,000 taka and six months jail fixed by previous court.

Well, this is only the first month of Justice Khairul Haque’s Supreme Court. Let’s see what comes next. From 100,000 to 100 taka in a month. Then what?

Always there are only a few people who would dare go against an overwhelming wave of psyche dominating public mindset and speak out the truth.

After the political upheaval of 1975, few people were there who would dare caution against national anti Mujib paranoia  and make a point that a gruesome massacre is never the right way to bring a good change.

Very recently we saw how our national psych was totally hypnotized and supported the wrongdoings of the masked military regime that forced a constitutional caretaker government out of power. The whole educated class seemed to be in an orgy to politician trashing.

And against that wave, some people, still a few, were there to ask the nation to think again, think deep.

Major General ( Retd.) Mainul Hossain Chowdhury was one such soul. He would not be the one who will fill the airwaves repeating the same hollow rhetoric that fill our stratosphere these days. Major General Chowdhury was an honest, truthful, conscientious man who would go deep into the issue to expose the inconvenient truth. And he would do so with utmost modesty. A rare gem in current standards.


A decorated freedom fighter, a brilliant army general, a very successful administrator and diplomat, General Chowdhury served out nation till the last days of his life.


Rest in peace General Chowdhury. Good Luck in heaven.