After our independence in 1971, many properties owned by citizens of West Pakistan were found abandoned and taken over by the state. Moon Cinema hall was such property in Old Dhaka and it was taken over by the government and given to a benefit trust of Freedom fighters ( War veterans).

The old owners, Masud family wanted the property back and sued the state. Taking the opportunity of such a writ, Justice ABM Khairul Haque invalidated the fifth amendment and mandated the state to go back to 1972 constitution. As a result of Mr Khairul Haq’s verdict Freedom fighter’s trust were asked to return the property to the old owners.

This created another problem. As the Judge Khairul Haque directed the nation to go back 1972 constitution, the owners of Moon cinema also want to get the building back a sit was in 1972. This put Muktijoddha Kolyan Trust in big trouble.

In this video Muktijoddha Kolyan trust Chairman is arguing that ’38 years have passed and it was not practical or possible to go back to 1972 as it was…’