Lady justice definitely is blind in Bangladesh. At least Judge Shamsunnahar of the Speedy Trial Tribunal-1 is.


If our lady justice was not blind, she definitely would have seen or considered these striking images.

It was a February morning in Dhaka 9 years ago.  Awami League leader HBM Iqbal and now Awami League MP Nurunabi Chowdhury Shaon were leading rally in Dhaka protesting a general strike called by the opposition party.

As the rally was in progress, suddenly a peaceful rally of opposition party came into sight. They were doing the rally in support of the general strike. Indiscriminate shooting on that rally starts from Awami League rally.

Like a general in command, Mr HBM Iqbal watches while known thug Ghora Shameem, standing just next to Iqbal,  continues shooting from his nine shooter gun. Gun wielding police watches and protects the shooters.

Led by Iqbal and Shaon, shooting and charging-chasing goes on until the opposition rally disperses and

…four bullet ridden dead-bodies lie on the street…

Eight years later, our new government decided that murder cases against HBM Iqbal and Nurunnabi Chowdhury Shaon were baseless and politically motivated. And our blind justice system obliged, freeing Iqbal, Shaon and others of the charges.

The same day court freed Iqbal of murder charges, our Prime Minister meets Iqbal and takes a donation of Tk 20 million.

Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talks about justice. At least she ensured her own justice by hanging army officers for killing her father and family members. The above photo shows that she does not care about the justice for others as much as she cares for her own justice.

[ Photo: Courtesy The Daily Star]