Police foil BNP's peaceful protestUpdated: এ যেন ‘পুলিশেরই মানববন্ধন’.

Hartal is unpopular and inconvenient for the citizens. Hartal related violence is bad. We all agree. So what is the alternative? Over the years we have seen that formation of human chain on road side pavements as a mode of protest is gaining popularity. This mode of protest is popular as this neither cause traffic congestion nor interrupts public life.

When Bangladesh’s opposition party BNP announced it’s programs protesting indiscriminate arrest and police-ruling cadre torture on opposition; they were careful in selecting non confrontational non disruptive mode of protests.

BNP’s scheduled human chain took place today. There was no violence preceding the event.   No confrontational steps were taken by the opposition.

Yet, like the hartal of June 27, AL used the police force to come down hard on oppositions peaceful protest.  According to the daily Star,

Police Wednesday morning obstructed the leaders and activists of opposition BNP from holding their scheduled human chain programme in the capital and Chittagong city.

The law enforcers barred the BNP central leaders in front of National Press Club at about 11:00am while they were trying to form a human chain.

Question rises, if government can not tolerate 1 hour peaceful roadside human chain by the opposition, on what face they call them a democratic government and more importantly what awaits the country in the future?