The final season of Lost will be airing this Sunday. For those of us who have been following the inhabitants of the Island for the past six years, it will be a time to say goodbye. Therefore, I would like to take a moment and imagine the ten ways Lost would have been different had the Island actually been Bangladesh.

10. Sayid would have been dead through crossfire by the end of the first season.

9. The Dharma Initiative would have been sponsored by Grameen Phone, not the Hanso Foundation.

8. All the male characters would either have Hurley’s girth or Charlie’s height.

7. Neither the Dharma Initiative nor Charles Widmore would have been able to reach the electromagnetic core, since the drilling machines would be ineffective due to lack of electricity.

6. Kate would wear heavy make-up and run around in a pink salwar kamiz. She would wear a sari for special occasions, like going to meet Jacob or being in the same cage with Sawyer.  

5. Charlie’s band would be named Cryptic Fate. Charlie himself would go on to have a successful career as a judge in Bangladesh Idol.

4. There would be no rivalry between Jacob and the Man in Black. They would just decide to alternate the control of the island for five years each.

3. The bald-headed man who went from being a puppet to the villain would have a different name. 

2. There would be fewer deaths by gunshot wounds, and more deaths by chapati and ramda attacks.

And finally, the last way the show would have been different:

1. There would be no Lost, since Jacob would simply pass on his duties to his children and make them protector of the Island.

Updated: Well done, Jack. Live together, die alone.