Rumi Ahmed : I am sincerely hoping to see Mirza Fakhrul Islam as the new Secretary General of BNP. But I am afraid we may end up seeing Khondokar Delwar Hossain as a status quo. . Mr. Delwar needs to move on. On record is all my praises and support for Delwar when he held BNP during its worst time. But now he needs to move on.

Jyoti Rahman:: The new Secretary General needs to be somebody who:
a. can project youth, vitality, and freshness
b. have a strong enough personality to impose his will on various factions (I presume Khaleda Zia endorsement is given)
c. Can stand up to Tarique Rahman if he repeats past mistakes
d. Doesn’t have personal ambition to challenge Tarique Rahman

tacit: I think BNP should stick with Khondokar Delwar Hossain. He is better than the alternatives (Khondokar Mosharraf, Nazmul Huda). Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is still too young and unseasoned, He needs to be given more administrative responsibility first.

Rumi Ahmed: : tacit, most of previous BNP Secretary Generals were not seasoned politicians. B Chowdhury was a political novice, so was Col Mostafizur Rahman. But when Khaleda Zia herself was a novice, she needed a seasoned politician, hence KM Obaidur Rahman did the job fairly well in helping her rebuild the party. And after that all the Secretary Generals came up from mid rank and file. Salam Talukder, Abdul Manan Bhuiyan are examples. I heard none of the names until they became Scretary General. Mannan Bhuiyan was Krishak Dal president before becoming Secretray General. So is Mr Mirza Alamgir now.

You need a Purnaiya Pandit ( seasoned politician) if the leader in novice. But Khaleda Zia is no longer novice, rather she is one of the most seasoned living politicians in Bangladesh now. She needs someone like young Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of 1950s. Someone young and charismatic, energetic with good negotiating skill, who will keep travelling from thana to thana and organize. He would prevent incidents like that in Chittagong council from happening, he will hardball with Dhaka city committee leaders/ Manikganj district leaders into a consensus committee.

If you ask me, I would have said, Khondokar Delwar Hossain deserved the newly created post of vcxzt senior vice Chairman. Tarique Rahman should have been Joint Secretary for a total of 16 years ( Like all the current Joint SGs are).