Come friday, come the ugly TV footage of fist fight, kicking, shoe fight between two groups of people during the friday sermon at the national mosque. This has now become a regular feature of Friday. Even TV news this friday was dominated by one group of people mercileslsy beating another group of people with heavy wooden box meant to keep shoes, shoes or simply with impure kicking, slapping, beardpulling or boxing.


If you watch the videos and listen to the news carefully, the group of Mullahs at the receiving end of all these deshi martial arts are the skinny bearded protesters against the new Khatib. The new Khatib shehib must have some very physically strong supporters and definitely a jehadi force to protect him. ( Of note, during todays sermon, he relied more on his personal force of bodyguards than police).

jjdkhatibLooking at the video carefully and reading at different news, it is learnt that a portion of those chasing those skinny protesting mullahs are undercover policemen. This part is clearly understood. But who are the rest of people, described as ‘Khatib supporting Musallis’ in newspapers who will resort to merciless beating, shoebox banging on human heads and violent contact sports with these protesting mullahs? When those protesting mullahs were resorting to a non-violence and rather civilized protest ( recite Innalillah… at the commencement of Khutba and leave the mosque), Khatib’s supporters, locking the gate from all sides, came on them with brutest force.

Exactly who is this Khatib? And what is going on in national Mosque?