The bellwether characters: who they are lining up with this year?

There are several political characters, you better call them political parasites who will try to sense in advance which big party is winning the upcoming election and they will attach themselves with that party/alliance before the election. Because they do these for their survival, these characters have quite amazing sixth sense and can predict quite reliably. Hence I find it appropriate to call them bellwether characters.

Below are several of these bellwether characters and who they are lining up with during this election season.

1. Anwar Hossain Monju. This man was powerful in Mujib rule, because he was Manik Mia’s son. He and his brother were heroes during Zia rule because his brother Moinul Hossain Hiru protested BAKSAL. Monju was a minister under Ershad rule. Because he was in hiding/jail after fall of Ershad, we don’t know his 1991 pre-election assessment. He lined with AL before 1996 election and as a reward remained as a powerful minister under AL rule for five more years. After being minister for 5 years under AL, he did not join hands with AL before 2001 re-election attempt of AL. He rather kept contact with BNP. Before the scheduled 2007 22nd Jan election, he joined BNP led 4 party alliance. And this time Anwar Hossain Monju is siding with AL led alliance.

2. Moinul Hossain Hiru. This man is quite muted this time following his humiliating removal from CTG. Still his preferences become rather clear looking at the editorial stand of Ittefaq, which Hiru controls now. He feels his back skin will be better protected under an AL government.

3. Naimul Islam Khan. A staunch sycophant of military authority during the post 1/11 days, Mr. Khan has suddenly turned himself into a vicious critique of the military government. Although he already published a daft of a Hasina victory speech and a Khaleda concession speech, he is showing some sort of uncertainty and apprehension about whom to support/promote. So looks like he is a bellwether for a very uncertain result.

4. The despot called Ershad is also a bellwether. But he is kinda reverse bellwether. In1991, expecting AL win, he sent message to help AL in places where AL-BNP is contesting. In 1996, he gave tacit support for BNP. And in 2001, after joining BNP Jamaat alliance, he quit the alliance at the last moment and formed his own alliance called islami oikyo front. This year he is backing AL. Al supporters should be very worried with Ershad’s bellwether record.