While Lt gen HM Ershad was president of Bangladesh, in addition to his wife, he had at least two publicly known, declared or confessed girlfriends. One was Mary ( Mariam Mamtaz) who later moved to London and Ershad brought her a flat. Bangladesh high commission used to do all the errands for her and Ershad used to stay with her during his frequent London, Dubai tips. During those days there was no blog, internet etc. Publication of this was banned in Bangladesh. Jaijaidin got banned and Shafiq rehman went to jail trying to give a hint of the story. It was publised in a Bangla weekly from London and xerox copy of that news was sold in Dhaka like a hotcake.

Throughout his presidency, Ershad used Zeenat Hossain as his kept. Zeenat hossain was the wife of Musharraf Hossain ( Current BNP leader), the then secretary of energy/petroleum. Ershad was so rampant that he used to take Zeenat Hossain with him during different foreign tours.

Ershad married Bidisha ( 1/3rd his age) while he was still maried to Rawshan. He proposed and convinced Bidisha while she was still happily married to other man. He however hired some thug to beat up and kick Bidisha out of his home when he was told that this would help him get a better deal in seat sharing bargain with BNP. This was 2006. He then filed a case of mobile phone theft against Bidisha.

There are much more women and much more filthy stories. I don’t feel like writing anymore. I’ve to go and wash my hand now.