Anti Corruption Commission Chief Lt Gen Hassan Mashud Chowdhury claims that he is never afraid of resigning and he carries a letter of resignation in his shirt pocket. Looks like it is about time he takes the letter out of pocket and submit to relevant authorities.

The recent activity of ACC regarding a so called frozen account in Singapore was apparently an attempt to inflict a last moment election manipulating shock. This is called October surprise in US politics. By doing this the ACC has again proved that it has been working as a pawn and political tool in favor of the military chief Moeen controlled caretaker government. In the previous instances people gave them benefit of doubt, but this time it was blatant and brazen violation minimal decency and law of the land.

The problem is not that it worked against Arafat Rahman, it has the right to do so and it should investigate any suspect irrespective of who they are. But the problem is the way they did it. 7 days before election they presented a case against Arafat Rahman. They presented the story of a frozen account by quoting Singapore government. They did not say when the info was obtained and what was the proof that the company belonged to Arafat. The most mind boggling part of the story was that, they called press conference, narrated the crime and then they declared that they were starting an investigation on it soon. If they had not yet started an investigation why they would inform the nation of the crime. What if the investigation concludes that the allegations of money laundering was false?

Will Gen Hasan Mashud Chowdhury be able to revert the effect of his deed on the election? How can he now deny that he used ACC as a tool to harass politicians all along.

It is about the time for him to leave the sacred duties he does not deserve. Please bring that letter out of your pocket and let anti corruption commission work independently.