Apparently the first man shot and killed by Ershad’s forces is Mr Roufun Bosunia. Bosunia was a Dhaka University leader of Jatiyo Chhatra league, the then student front of Abdur Razzaque led BAKSAL. BAKSAL was a Razzaque led offshoot of AL and it larer merged back with Awamiu League.

The last man killed by Ershad was Dr Milon. Dr. Milon was shot killed by goons let loose by Ershad on Dhaka University students. Dr. Milon was in a Rickshaw on the road along Suhrawardi udyan. The person sitting with Dr Milon in the same rickshaw was Dr Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin. It is widely believed that the shot was aimed at Dr Jalal but the bullet was several inches off target and instead it hit Dr Milon.

During this election, Dr. Jalal and Ershad are contesting from same Dhaka city from the same alliance.