It has been inertia all over. A writer’s block has gripped me lately. So apparently is the case for most of the political bloggers who are usually vibrant on the net, I presume. And while we keep ourselves aloof, the black cloud looming over the horizon of Bangladesh gets bigger and darker.

[A facelift of the autocrat]


Since the military takeover of 11 January 2007, what we are seeing can be called a systemic reversal of the revolution of 1990. The spirit of democracy, freedom of speech and political rights, what we earned through a lengthy and bloody 8 years of struggle, are under serious attack.

First time since December 6 1990, the press has been controlled by this government, and again the police/military has brutalized the students, the senior political leaders are kept in jail for indefinite period without any charges.

And more interestingly, the fallen autocrat and his cohorts have suddenly gained back a strong voice. Convicted felon and corrupt HM Ershad started a political tour of the country and giving the nation lecture against the corrupts. Ershad’s lackeys are all over in the TV, other media, political stages, lecturing against the parties who fought and won against them to bring back democracy. It is extremely shameful to watch gleaming Ershad walking with demeanor of the impending savior of the nation. It is nauseating to watch corrupt Anisul Islam Mahmood, Shahidul Islam et el get high profile media coverage when they declare that BNP’s participation is not at all important.

And more ominously, mainstream media is slowly making case for Ershad. A good rebuttal by Syed Borhan Kabir (From an Awami League point of view) against some nefarious efforts to exonerate Ershad by trashes like Pir Habibur Rahman and Sunil Shuvoroy.

People tend to forget that this Ershad should have been dead many years ago. This scum has personally ordered shooting and killing of more than hundred people. Starting from the seven students killed in 14 February 1983, Ershad continued his killing spree until the final hours of his regime. In one single event, 24 January 1988 or 1989, police shooting at the meeting of Sheikh Hasina in Laldighi Maidan took away the life of 24 young men. This blogger still recalls carrying the body of Shamim, an activists of Sitakunda Thana Chhatra League, in an effort to hide it from being snatched by the army.

Ershad and all these Anisul Islam Mahmoods should have been given capital punishment quickly after December 1990 revolution. A democratic and tolerant government and society spared their lives. And now those demons, gaining back their power, are coming in full force against those democratic tolerant values that saved their lives.

Today, while these ghosts of a fallen dictator dances, there rises another dictator, covertly, hidden behid those black clouds.