More than anybody else, the government is making the most noisy statements suggesting release of Khaleda Zia. It is very clear that after releasing Sheikh Hasina, government is no longer comfortable keeping Khaleda Zia alone in jail.

What Khaleda Zia should do now? She has already made it clear that she is not interested in leaving the country without her sons. It seems that she wants to send her sons abroad but she herself wants to stay back. She apparently is not showing much eagerness for her own freedom too.

Now the question is, would the government allow Tareq Rahman and Arafat Rahman to leave the country and let Khaleda Zia stay at home, free? If they let it happen, how a military -AL deal we are talking about will be successful? And more importantly what will remain of the so called ‘ 1/11 revolution”?


Next question, should Khaleda leave Bangladesh with her sons? What will be the implication of that? Wouldn’t this move make all her suffering go in vain?

So what should Khaleda do? I believe she needs a Hasina moment. Not a Hasina moment of secret deals with generals. But Hasina moment of a public apology for her governments failures. Before 1996 election, Sheikh Hasina, in a television speech, apologized to the nation for all mistakes done from 1972 to 1975. Khaleda Zia should do the same thing. She should publicly apologize for any act of her or her sons those may have offended the nation. This apology must however include categorical denial of corruption charges. Khaleda does not believe her sons did any corruption. Neither do I. Yes, Tareq, thinking himself the sole guardian of the party, and misguided that money is everything in winning an election, raised party fund carelessly. Khaleda Zia may be carefully candid about this in her apology address. She however should not push for Tareq Rahman’s release. I feel it should be wise to let Tareq Rahman fight the cases. With current physical status of Tareq Rahman, courts will have a difficult time running the cases. And the cases against him are very weak and quite disproportionate to the horror stories people heard about Tareq Rahman over the years. The more a stretcher bound Tareq seen in the the courts, the more people will realize what Moeen and his gong have done to the son of Ziaur Rahman and Khaleda Zia’. This is important for political atonement of BNP.

Arafat Rahman should however be released. He has never been a public or political figure. Nobody ever saw even a picture of him until his arrest after 1/11. Arafat also is a very soft hearted person in real life and is not emotionally strong enough to take the pressure of imprisonment. Arafat Rahman should be out of all the political animosity between Khaleda Zia and Awami league or Moeen and Tareq.

And Tareq should retire from politics. He has shown enough immaturity and stupidity in his political career and Khaleda must keep Tareq out of politics in the near future. Instead Khaleda should reach out to her ex comrades like B Chowdhury, Col Oli Ahmed, Sheikh Razzaq Ali etc. She also should remember that the only senior leader and standing committee member who was a member of parliament but did not get a ministerial portfolio was Khondokar Delwar Hossain. She also should remember that she ignored the sons of Dr R A Gani and justice T H Khan when they sought nomination in 2001 and 2007 election. Instead her party gave nomination to two persons who were the first to ditch her and her family. And Both T H Khan and R A Gani stood beside her in her worst times in the recent .
I really wish Khaleda Zia learns from her mistakes. She must not continue the indecisiveness that gripped BNP last six years. She must be merciless against those who betrayed the party in its bad time. Its time to bury the politics of turncoatism. There must not be any reconciliation. Rather, there must be deep cleansing of the party. Failing to do so will be disastrous for BNP and the Zia family.