Everybody, every single person in this planet Earth is very eager for the unification of BNP. Newspaper staff writers, TV talk show chattering class, civil society commentators, and even prothom-Alo/Daily Star are eager to see BNP united as soon as possible. And BNP’s reformist leadership (Whose philosophy is to reform BNP to get rid of dynastic politics, corrupt princes etc) are yelling day and night; “at any cost…Je Kono Mulye..” BNP must be united under Khaleda Zia. The ‘reformist’ AKA DGFI-ist leadership are making predictions like BNP will be united before certain date and the newspapers are publishing stories of imminent unification. Seems like BNP unification is the spectacle of the century and children are being put to sleep rhyming that BNP will be united in the morning.



I really don’t understand why there is such a national desire to see BNP united. Parties split up, they join hands; these all are commonplace politics of Bangladesh style. Why suddenly there is so much pressure on Khondokar Delwar Hossain to do kola-kuli with ex JP leader Hafizuddin, ex NAP-ex UPP leader Mannan Bhuiyan, ex generals Mahbub and ZA Khan etc?
May be I am paranoid, may be not. May be I am over-reading it, or misjudging it. Time will judge us. But here is how I see the so called ‘unification’ process;
1. When you see Daily Prothom-Alo or Daily star are actively promoting BNP unification, this ‘unification’ thing must not be anything good for BNP.
2. It is absurd when everybody is so silent ( and disguisedly happy) with the Election commission’s blatantly partisan role in establishing a DGFI made splinter fraction as mainstream BNP and so happy at the inhuman treatment on Khaleda Zia’s family, but suddenly very anxious to see BNP united under Khaleda Zia. Didn’t Prothom -Alo wrote editorial demanding arrest of Khaleda Zia?
3. Why the reformists want to get ‘United’? We thought they wanted to build a new political order free of corrupt and dynastic despots. Why they would want to come back under the despot leadership?
…and these will be my advice to Mr Khondokar delwar Hossain

1. You are fighting a very uneven battle and so far you have guarded the fort quite effectively. Please don’t budge to these so called ‘Unification’. It is not unification; it is in fact ‘castration’ move. Amir Hossain Amu/ SS Gupta/ Tofael/razzak have already castrated Awami league. The turncoat reformists will flood BNP meetings, occupy media on behalf of BNP and totally turn BNP into a chaos. And more worrisome is that once reformists can make a way back into the fort, you and Rizvi will be arrested and naturally the leadership center of gravity will tilt towards the nexus of disguised DGFI-ists ( Hannan Shah, Goyeshwar Roy, Nazimuddin Alam) and rabid reformists ( Hafiz-Mahbub-Osman faruq-Kamal Yousif).
2. BNP will be a much better entity (only composed of 1 st generation BNP activists who started politics with BNP or who grew up with BNP’s student wing) free of turncoats in the DGFI-ist camp. Every single of the claimed 35 MPs who betrayed the party, have a stronger/more popular BNP nomination seeker in their constituency.
3. As you have always said, BNP indeed is already united. Believers in BNP ideology have not left the fort unguarded despite all possible fear mongering or torture. Bringing those turncoats will dilute BNP’s current ideological base and pave the way for further backstabbing, treachery, chaos, hazy vision in the future.
4. Let 2007-2008 be the last year of turncoat politics in Bangladesh. Let’s not pardon these turncoats. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

5. And please keep saying NO to the so called ‘unification’. It will be a political suicide for BNP.

6. Lets not try to go back to power next year. I’ll have the same advice for AL too. Let’s Moeen Shahib and his party take over via a Shamsul Huda election. The governance next five year will not be very easy. Let the turncoats get lynched by the suffering, empty stomach mob.