There are not too many people in this world who could share the magnitude of the personal tragedy ex Prime minister Sheikh Hasina endured. Both her parents, all her three brothers, sister in laws, dozens of uncles-aunths; all have been hunted and killed execution style in one single night. Eldest daughter of a household traditionaly is the most caring for the rest of the family. So was Sehikh Hasina. Life for Sheikh Hasina and her sister Sheikh rahana jolted on 15 th August 1975. Since then, life has never been the same again.




Scientific studies show that most of such victim of family massacre, suffer constantly from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I believe Sheikh Hasina also suffer from the same painful experience.

Like many other PTSD patients would do, Sheikh Hasina, since 1975, tried to get relief by avoiding being alone. Loneliness forces these patients to relive the traumatic experience and I can guess why Sheikh Hasina hates to be lonely. For the last 33 years this woman sorrounded herself with crowds of admirers of her dad, other survivors in her family and that definitely helped her live and move on.


Today again, some military officers are playing a yo yo game with this lady. They are bringing her to hospital for a day and sending her back to jail the next day, they have kept on doing this routine repeatedly throughout the last month. One day doctors find some ear proble, the other day something comes up in ear and the next day blood pressure is found very labile. The government-selected doctors over there probably seeing the blind men’s elephant. By looking at ear, eye, blood pressure– they are missing the big picture, they are misisng the real person herself. 


Take a patient with PTSD, lock him-her up for a year, you will destroy the person mentally and physically. Pure from a medical professional’s point of view,  what they are doing with Sheikh Hasina is nothing short of torture, crude-rude torture.

Physicians in Bangladesh may not know much of PTSD, but militray officers know of it. Knowing about symptoms and mitigation of PTSD Is part of current day militray training. And probbaly that’s why they are relentless in their effort to send Mrs Hasina back to jail.

I personally believe that Sheikh Hasina has suffered enough to enjoy an immunity from imprisonment for the kind of cases lebelled against her. I urge the authorities to free her and stop the torture. Or at least let her stay in hospital. What’s wrong if they let her stay in hospital for  a longer time? There are many prisoners without serious illness who have spent months if not years in hospital cabins. Why not Sheikh Hasina then?




A government manufactured fraction of BNP met Election Commissioners today. The main BNP has been barred from meeting the EC. Government continue their blatant patronization of the government manufactured fraction. Government is even sending detail instruction how to cover Hafiz or Delwar. Per their instruction when two fraction’s make news, the government designed fraction is to get earlier and longer TV coverage. Even TV channles were forced to pull off Khondokar Delwar Hossain’s press conference of today. Although the press conference was shown earlier in the day, it was totally blacked out during the evening news.


Definitely there is a serious desparation in some level of the government.