Some leaders belonging to last BNP government have betrayed their party, leader, collegue and activists and are conspirating to hijack a political party on behalf of the governing clique. A chapter of the conspiracy was stages yesterday when the election commission held a meeting with these few turncoat conspirators after inviting him as legitimate BNP. These turncoats as well as the conspirator Election commissioners, are, like any other criminal, very afraid. They cordoned themselves off by huge presence of police yesterday. They were afraid of BNP grassroot beating.



And on the other hand Mr Hafiz led government manufactured BNP also decided to stage a show of force. While cases have been filed just yesterday against 50 JCD activists-BNP leaders for breaking the SOE law by holding procession in the street, yesterdays gathering and procession took place under police protection.

BNP_Hafiz [ Activists of Hafiz led BNP in SOE breaking EC front showdown. Photo: New Age]

Although the police facilitated breaking of SOE law as attributed to be a show of organizational strength by Hafiz led gang of turncoats, it was in fact the morning shift of Creative garments owned by turncoat leader Fazlul Azim. They all were wearing ‘chhatra dal” ” Jubo dal” imprinted headbands and were being served with bottled water under the supervision of Nabiullh Nabi, a goon terrorizing the Demra area during last several years.

If you look carefully at the picture, you will see garments workers and even children were attending the rally.

And at the end of all these ‘good stuff’, the great CEC expressed his প্রশান্তি as the job was well done.

The palace conspiracy that is currently being done in the name of election reform etc, are things, we thought we left behind in the eighties. Yet that deos not surprise me much. What surprises me more is the tacit approval of these dirty trickby the vocal activist part of the civil society.