Lauachhara used to be a pitch dark dense animal filled forest even fifty years ago. That’s why, when a real dense forest was needed for filming the Indian jungle portion of the famous Jules Verne master piece, ” Around the world in eighty days”, Lauachhara forest was selected. Michael Anderson, the director of this 5 Oscar/Golden Globe winning classic milestone movie, brough his several hundred stong team to Lauachhara forest in Sri Mangal of the then East pakistan.


[ A small clip of rural Bangladesh taken from the movie]

Almost none is left of that great forest. Yet this is one of the last remaining great Indian forests. This is home to a host of flora and fauna including nearly extinct Huluk Gibon locally known as Ulluk.
This forest is our national treasure. It is much more important than a gas or an oil field.

US oil giant Chevron started 3D survey in the forst area. I don’t know what was the idea. If they find oil/ gas their would they destroy the forest? And I also don’t know who gave them the permission.

Anyway while doing the survey in Lauachhara today, fire broke out in the reserve forest. The damage has not yet been assessed. Recently anaother gas rig fire, the tangra tila accident ruined a big portion of the forest.

I would urge all to Bangladesh and nature lover to raise their voices to stop Chevron from destryoing our national treasures.