1. Senior Lawyer Barrister Shafiq Ahmed, on behalf of the lawyers representing former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina complained that they had been harassed by military intelligence agency people. He made this allegation when journalists asked for his comment on Sheikh Hasina trail that day. He also alleged that the agency men are trying to scare them off representing Sheikh Hasina.
This medieval tactic is being applied by a government which has grabbed and are clinging illegally to power apparently to ‘re-establish’ rule of law and a fair judiciary in Bangladesh. And those people, whose actions have been instrumental in establishing this illegal rule of law, who used to be vocal against every single slightest diversion of righteousness are dead silent these days. Neither Kamal Hossain, Amirul islam, Rokonuddin Mahmood, nor media-civil aka retired society stars of last ten years made a single noise about this issue.

2. Six out of eight active and functional members of BNP standing committee has informed, in writing, the election commission that there is nothing called standing committee nominated acting secretary Hazizuddin. Nobody knows on what face or ground the EC will now recognize this DGFI implants in BNP as the mainstream.
However, this government of Moeen–Fakhruddin-Kamal Hossain-Mahfuz Anam, losing the war of logic, has resorted to a war of brute force. Police raided the houses of two leading activist leaders of BNP, valiant freedom fighter Sohrab Hossain and Md Shahjahan. Military intelligence personnel have also reportedly pressurized the standing committee members to disown their statement. On the other hand in the line up of the DGFI implants there was a surprising name. He was Ali Newaz Khoiam, ex-BNP MP from Rajbari and an ex left revolutionary. He was one of the leading DGFI implants from he beginning of BNP hijack attempt. But he eventually got inactive after seeing how his constituency and grassroots support is overwhelmingly against this Mannan Bhuiyan led implants. The moment he started ‘no show’ in Mannan Hafiz BNP meetings, he got arrested in massive corruption charges. It was all over in the media that how fair this government was and a pro government BNP fraction leader also got arrested etc. Now it looks like that Mr Khoiam got released silently  (While on the ground of SOE, no other politicians ever got released) and again very active in follwoing DGFI commands.

3. Intra party rivalry and frictions in Dhaka University are being reported in newspapers. While the ugly pictures are being published, very few news media are reporting why suddenly these frictions have started and what these fractions represent. It is very clear that, line by line in Ershad style, military intelligences are distributing stashes of money to some student arms cadres to set up pro government fractions in JCD and BCL.

From 15th August to 3rd November of 1975, this country was effectively ruled by a dozen Majors of Bangladesh armed army. But the face of that government was some Awami league leaders who betrayed their leader and their party.
32 years later, we are faced with a similar situation but for a much longer time. While a dozen Majors occupied the Bangavaban in 1975, now we have a dozen Brigadiers and Colonels (Convened by General Moeen) are occupying a state guest house and effectively running the country.
Bangladesh needs to immediately liberated from general Moeen and his men in uniform.