Dhaka Mayor Sadeq Hossain Khoka has just been sued by Bangladesh anti corruption Commission for alleged corruption.
With this law suit a pattern is completed. All the mayors of all the major metropolitan cities in Bangladesh is officially charghed with corruption. All, except Dhaka Mayor, are in jail now.
Surprisingly many of the mayors had a clean image prior to starting this Mayoral assignment. Most big city Mayors served governments in other capacities in the past and there have not been major corruption charges against them.

This suggests that there must be a serious problem in the system itself. Just prosecuting the Mayors will probably not do any long term benefit to the country. Once we jail these 6 mayors, tomorrow there will be six new clean faces__ be it Rizvi, be it Badsha, be it Saber, be it Hannan… . Unless we change the factors those facilitate corruption in the local government systems, six years down there will be six new corrupt faces who were otherwise clean.

Instead of Hasan Mashud-Hanif Iqbal destructive, trigger happy approach; a saner approach would have been to hold a public hearing, set up an all inclusive task forces, work with the current mayors, publish white papers and the try to fix the local government systems. Those generals and Colonels should know that the territory they are in now is a civilian territory. It is not a war zone where they will kill the enemy first, destroy the city then and leave the job of reconstruction to be done by the civilians later.

The approach must prefer engagement over shunning. The goal will be to do the fact finding research first, let the public know via white papers, have their input in how to fix the systems and then fix the system with everybody’s cooperation including the sitting mayors who know the system better than anyone else. Punishment? Publish the white paper with proof of crimes and let the public be the judge in the upcoming elections.