Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

I am surprised that this disturbing bit of news was abandoned by Bangladeshi blogosphere as well as the print and electronic media.

In an attempt to make Bnagladesh look civilized, the civil society-military government has decided to start arresting beggers from the street.

And the free judiciary was gung ho to hand the poor begegr a jail sentence!


New Age editor Nurul KAbir had this to say about this bizarre move of the government:

…the military-propelled government of Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed has, indeed, established ‘rule of law’ in the country! His police on Saturday reportedly arrested two persons, one a hapless nonagenarian and the other a physically challenged man in his thirties, from a Dhaka street on charge of begging. …

…If the poor foodless, homeless beggars are to serve jail terms for creating nuisance on our city streets, then what punishment is due to the rich policymakers for begging in the big capital cities of the world, and that too by humiliating the entire nation?

… The growing number of beggars, visible in the metropolitan cities and small townships, is the direct consequence of the governmental failure to manage the national economy properly. And if the government continues to fail to effectively manage the national economy towards a pro-people direction, and there is hardly any sign of success yet, the number of beggars in the cities, the towns and the villages would continue to grow. And, if the government continues to pursue the policy of jailing the beggars, it may have to declare the larger part of the country, if not the entire one, a national prison…

General Moeen U Ahmed took over Bangladesh on the ground that politician have failed to govern the nation. Now his 15 month rule made things much worse. The country has shown deterioration in every possible economic and quality of life indicators.

 This General and his coterie have even failed to ensured the most basic need of the Bangladeshis, some rice to eat.  Failing miserably, he now started lecturing the nation to eat potato instead of rice.

 Well, General, why don’t you start it at your home first? Members of Bangladesh armed forces get almost free rice through a hugely subsidized ration. Lets stop that first, give them potato ration instead. We will sure than line up to listen to your lectures about potato.