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The above is a proof of the massacre committed on the night of 25th March, 1971. These are war crimes.

An overwhelming majority of the war crimes committed in Bangladesh between 25th March and 16th December was committed by the members of Pakistan armed forces. Later in the war, in some cases, especially in the killing of the intellectuals, locals were intricately involved in the planning and execution along with the Pakistan army.

The locals involved in those gruesome crimes were members of Shanti Committee ( Peace Committee), Razakars, Al Badr, Al Shams.

Any war crime trial should include, at least a symbolic indictment of the following military leadership of then East Pakistan along with their local collaborators belonging to those above mentioned groups.

Lt. General Yahya Khan

Lt General Tikka Khan

Lt. General A.A.K Niazi

Major General Rao Farman Ali

Major General Khadim Hossain Raja

Major General Miththa

Major General Hamid

Major General Qamar ali Mirza

Major general Harrison

Maj. Gen. Shaukat Riza

Maj. Gen. Nazar Hussain Shah

Maj. Gen. Rahim Khan

Maj. Gen. Jamshed

Brig. Jahanzab Arbab

Brig. Iqbal Shafi

Brig. Abdullah Khan Malik

Brig. S.M. Durrani

Col Saadullah

Lt. Col Fatami

Lt Col Abdul Aziz Sheikh

And all other officers working with or under them in eastern command of Pakistan armed forces.

Let the process start. Begin by gathering data on which military unit committed what crime and which one of the officers were in charge of that unit.

Then try to identify individual officers with documented evidence of ordering those massacres.

At least a symbolic trial would put the world focus on these crimes.