Proloy to keyamot On his day of taking office, a garlanded Chief Justice went very political. He declared that the political governments have caused a storm (‘proloy’) in the supreme judiciary of Bangladesh. People thought that he meant he would devote his tenure to correct the flaws caused by that storm. Lo and behold, people were fooled. Looks like the CJ has turned Bangladesh Supreme Court into the most politically motivated and activist partisan high judiciary in the history of Bangladesh. CJ Ruhul Amin has turned the ‘Proloy ‘ into ‘keyamot’ (hell). Today, in one stroke of a pen, CJ and his yes men’s’ voided at least 200 high court rulings on the ground that they were seriously flawed. I am not at all sure, I hope future will tell us who is actually seriously flawed, is it the high court or it is Mr. Ruhul Amin and his gang.   

To go or not to goIt looks like a remote past in a different galaxy. Sheikh Hasina was not being allowed back home. Even her air ticket was not issued as her flight was warned to be barred from landing in Bangladesh. Now government is not allowing Sheikh Hasina to travel abroad for medical treatment. Two weeks ago, government almost carried Jalil over their shoulder to allow him to travel to Singapore. Looks like our government’s standard is not same for Sheikh Hasina and Mr. Jalil. 

 It is very true tyat at some point, Sheikh Hasina’s talkative nature was her weakness and asset of her opponents. But at this very time this regime is dead scared of Sheikh Hasina’s tongue. They have partially prevented her from speaking out by jailing her. Now as soon as she leave the country, whatever precondition-parole government imposes on her, Sheikh Hasina will be a public relation nightmare for this government.

Is the battle lost Is the battle over BNP over? May be, if Khondokar Delwar does not break his silence or plan to return soon. Mr. Delwar was under tremendous pressure and his son’s (Now under government custody) life was under serious threat. Mr. Delwar was holding the fort quite bravely. But there always is a limit after that anybody will budge. I hope my fears prove to be wrong and Mr. Delwar would speak up and return home very quickly. Looks like Mr. Hafiz is enjoying free ride in absence of Khondokar Delwar. Aunt SAM met him and he is seen representing BNP in different seminars. Unfortunately this man and his cohorts can’t go out in the street for fear of being beaten by the activist of the party they claim to be leaders of.  

The Australian Sermon The Australian high commissioner to Bangladesh has joined the chorus of the devils. He argued that an election is possible under a state of emergency. Look whose talking! I thought a labor government has taken over in Australia and Australian foreign policy on Bangladesh will be a bit different from Bush-Howard doctrine.

It’s all depressing all over. The air is filled with a thick stench of treachery.