Some personal anecdots,

As I did not watch much TV before 15 august 75 or do not recall due to age, I first saw the video footage of this speech in a Bangla movie in theater ( Anondo) either in late seventies or early 80s. I am trying hard but can’t recall the name of the movie. The most interesting part was that, the moment this clip would come up in the movie, a big portion of the theater would stand up in wild clap. And I am talking about a time when Mujib-AL-Baksal was nations favourite whipping boy.

During the whole period ( 75 onwards) I grew into adulthood from boyhood, Mujib was officially banned from official electronic media BTV and Radio. In radio-TV I first heard his name in 1979. Late President Ziaur Rahman was giving the opening speech at the newly formed national assembly. He paid tribute to late Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sher-e-Bangla, H. S. Shuhrawardi and Maolanan Bhashani. When Mujib finally could return to BTV (1996), I have already left Bangladesh.

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