Ok, the attack is on again.

The generals leading this latest version of BNP hijack attempt are

 1. DGFI Brigediers.

2. Mannan Bhuiyan ( behind the scene)

3. Saifur-Hafiz.

4. Brig Hannan Shah.

5. Goyeshwar Roy/ Nazrul Khan/Shahjahan

The vital moves made so far

1. Delwar, Rizvi,  80’s student leaders including Kh Babul, Asaduzzaman etc are under a a virtual seige.

2. The highcourt case dealing with this issue is being delayed ( By a so called free judiciary) so that DGFI/Govt gets enough time to execute the hijack plan.

3. Election commission is also in a waiting mode to let the hijack be completed first.

4. There has been a gag on the lawyers/ family visiting Khaleda Zia and the media from speaking about Khaleda’s illness that may require hospital visit.

5. Delaying Khaleda case ( By independent judiciary!!!) to prevent her from speaking in public before BNP take over is completed.

6. Releasing of Brig Gen Hannan Shah ( again, by indepedent judiciary !!!. Did any other senior politician else get bail so far in post 1/11 Bangladesh? )

7. Case against Saifur- Manan to keep them committed to their treachery.

The Goal,

1. Ensure a BNP that will be friendly to General Moeen U Ahmed before emergency is lifted and election schedule is announced.  Awami League is already under control of a friendly leadership.

2.  Ensure a predicted election result and a government that will uphold the spirit of 1/11 revolution.

3.  Save the ass of General Moeen and his Brigedier troop.

The Problem,

1. The BNP support base and the grass root.

2. The still untamed AL intelligentsia.

3. Khondokar Delwar Hossain.

4. Chances of a strong BNP performance if they are allowed to participate in Dec 2008 election.

The sign

One day before the previous coup attempt, Election Commissioner Suhul Hossain declared that the letter would go to the person who will be secretary two days later.  One day later DGFI designed a coup to appoint a new BNP secretary. ECs participation in the DGFI hatched conspiracy got exposed.

Just yesterday Maj Hafiz made another similar off guard remark. He predicted that He and Saifur would go with Delwar to the meeing with EC. This statement probably explains what is being planned. Delwar etc may be forced into a “unification” before the dialogue.

The Fear

Can delwar keep holding the fort under the immense pressure he, few of his colleague and his family is facing minute in minute out.  My confidence is also eroding.


In 1975, military killed Bangabandhu and broke in room by room, searched all members of his family including all his sons, daughter in laws, extended family members, killed them execution style. Still it required only four years for a full resurgence of Awami League. It may be easy for the army to design and form a party but hijacking a party against the will of the support base is never possible.

Update 1:

The mouthpiece of DGFI has published the framework of BNP hijack.

Here it is.