They brought the dead body all the way to Dhaka because they would not allow Khaleda Zia and her son’s to travel to Dinajpur. The DGFI led government dared subject a dead body to this much hassle in a country where the religio-social culture is to treat a deceased with utmost respect and bury ASAP with least humiliation of the body. [And those scoundrels in Prothom Alo are making a case about use of government helicopter for Khaleda’s mother!!!!] The family did not want Government helicopter, they did not want to bring the body to Dhaka either. It was DGFI plan to minimize a freedome time and prevent a meeting of Khaleda and her sons.

Then when the talk about remand came up, I expected a repeat of the treatment Sheikh Selim, the AL leader in detention received, when his mother died. Sheikh Selim was released for about 8 hours, whole of which he spent with his family, friends and political colleague at his home in Banani. All Awami League politicians including Sheikh Hasina were also there. There was no restriction on Mr. Selim from attending any ritual or anybody else from visiting him. For Mr. Selim it was a sad, unwanted but at least a tolerable good bye to his mother.

But this was not going to happen in case of Khaleda Zia and her sons. Although remand was granted for six hours, both Tareq and Coco was held in waiting in separate police stations and was allowed only one hour in their houses. Khaleda Zia could spend a little more than 2 hours. And all three could visit separately so that none could talk to each other.


[Photo: New Age]

What major disaster could happen if they were allowed to be together during this time of this great personal loss? Would they hatch a conspiracy? How could they follow up that conspiracy from their solitary confinement in their respective prisons? Or they would have discussed legal defense strategies?
If the case against Tareq or Coco is so solid, if there were sooooooooooooo many witnesses of the extortions by Tareq or Coco, why this much fear of their defence strategies? Why torture? Our activists are very much bothered about torture against anybody but BNP leadership or Zia family. Regarding Tareq’s recent torture allegation, there was not a single word from our so-called human rights watchdogs. And the government would not say anything. Yes government and its mouthpieces spoke out. But only to prove that a picture attributed to torture on Tareq was false. So, it’s all right to torture Tareq but a fake picture will never be tolerated!!

And ‘ torture’ is the only word you would find to describe the way Khaleda family was treated yesterday in the name of humanitarian remand. This torture is another act atrocity of the current regime controlled by military chief Moeen u Ahmed and army intelligence. And believe me, no atrocity in Bangladesh (Tareq Zia is now paying for his cricket game under police protection) goes unpunished. I only have this to say to General Moeen, CA spineless Fakhruddin, home advisor Matin, DGFI brigadiers Amin and Bari and those lower rank corrupt DGFI officers. Brigedier C F Bari knows what is gonopituni when he was given a mild gonopituni by the students of university on the night of 20th August. But that 20th August Gonopituni will feel like ‘jamai ador’ when the next wave will come upon you dear General and Brigedier shahibs.