This is what I wrote on January 12, 2007. One year have passed. Unfortunately I find myself unable to change the stand I took during the first hours after the disguised military coup on January 11.

Yes to Democracy, No to martial law, No to Colonialism

Developments in Dhaka are quite ominous. Although on the outside everything looks like a perfect solution of the current crisis, I have an eerie feeling that Bangladesh democracy has just taken a leap backwards.

Where nobody in Bangladesh know what is going on, even the major two political parties were trying to understand the situation, Bangladesh just got two unexpected spokesperson. One is the US government and the other is the UK high commissioner. Before anyone else they started saying that the emergency was declared for good reason, it was change towards good etc.

Then another set of developments stunned the nation. Under curfew cover, certain political leaders and ex elected representative and NGO officials were arrested. Nobody knew what specifically happened to arrest them without warrant or charges using emergency power.

Iajuddin’s speech last night was reminiscent of all the speeches delivered at the onset of military coup.
I strongly feel Bangladesh is now ruled by a military installed and protected civil leadership. And the military is being backed and protected by the “west”.

Yes Bangladesh is now like Algeria, Turkey, and Pakistan where western supported Military is the main power broker.
Bangladesh just created a very bad precedent. We used to have a free society, have freedom and democracy. Even if an elected government takes over in few months, this will be, in fact an Army installed government.

At this point rather than cheerleading the Military for their populist arrests, we need to protest the hidden military rule. First of all, the emergency must go. All arrested people must be released. We need to know who is running the Bangavaban.

In a democracy, elected political parties should run the country. In case of Bangladesh it could be Awami League or BNP. Military is the paid security apparatus of a nation. Their job is to guard the homeland and do errands to fix issues at home, not ruling the country.

In 1982, Awami League supporters were happy at Army takeover. That was definitely a short sighted approach. Everybody irrespective of party line must protest the disguised west backed military rule in Bangladesh.

Say Yes to Democracy. No to a military backed impotent democracy.