If you ever question any motif of this government, you will be asked whether you want to go back to pre 1/11 Bangladesh. I don’t know what is meant by pre 1/11, does pre 1/11 mean the street violence on Oct 28? Aren’t the elections of 1991, 1996 or 2001 pre 11 events also? What about 15 years of political, press, speech freedome? What about unprecedented economic growth? Aren’t all these pre 1/11 Bangladesh? How fair it is to dismiss 15 years of stability, freedome or developement because to 30 some days of relative anarchy? I’ll rest this issue on the readers.

But let me try to give you a glimpse of post 1/11 Bangladesh.


After 1/11 we started seeing and hearing a military general almost on a daily basis. This man promoted himself to be a General and started lecturing the nation about politics and policies. How many times did you hear him talk before 1/11?


Competeing with this self promoted general was another self promoted Lt General. These Generals graciously filled in the void created by absence of the publicity crazy ministers of political government.

First few things these Generals did were



( Interestingly, Tareq Rahman just complained of being tortured in the same way. Looks like this is popular tool of 1/11 revolution).








Choles Ritchil 

and this ( Cholesh Risil’s dead body).

Politicians were arrested and hoarded in jails without any charges.


 They were tortured inhumanly, days after day; without any charges.  ( The blindfolded man in the picture is the national president of one of the largest student political fonts).


Ex ministers, along with their whole family including wife and teenage daughters, were locked up without charges.


Politicians wives as well as internationally recognized human rights activists were taken back and forth from  jail to court in this condition.



Even national leader and ex PM couldn’t escape their wrath. They lacked the minimal courtesy and decency.

Ex PM’s son and his friend remains the nation’s favourite whipping boy. After record 70 days of remand AKA torture, 1/11 government fail to make a solid case against any of them and end up framing a false arms case with planted weapon.


When most of the politicians are jailed and tortured, government and their Dalal newspapers work hard to promote a bunch of dalal (turncoat)  politicians.


 They try to exile two popular political leaders and fail miserably. Here is the picture of a group of AL activists rushing to airport on return of Sheikh Hasina. Govt did lodge case against them.


But this government dared not  touch this people doing the same thing, i.e. gathering in the street defying the state of emergency.


At governments, open patronage, an army of chamchikas suddenly became very visible in the political horizon of Bangladesh.


However grassroots activists remained vigilant against turncoats.  

Although these sort of picture of October 2006 is stated as the cause of 1/11, these specific pictures are very much from events after 1/11.


Students gloriously defied the iron fist of fear mongering ” patriotic armed forces”.


In the name of crusade against corruption, they took this building in 12 hours notice and turn it into  





Despite all these mayhem;  foreign donation increases dramatically…(hint hint..)  ( Excluding Post Sidr data)


..so does the remittence form NRBs.


( Inflation from June 2006 to Oct 2007, look at the rising trend from january 2007)

still this government miserably fails to run the country. As the above graph shows, the inflation as well as the prices of essentials skyrocket.


..export drops dramatically.


Although this governments, main theme was eradication of coruption, the CPI ( Coruption perception index) fail to improve for the first time after continuous improvement last five years.


Please take me back to pre 1/11 days.