So all on sudden, at the very same hour, four very talkative advisors noticed pressing personal reasons that would make it impossible for them to continue the job of advisor. Isn’t it too coincidental to be true?
So the real truth is that they have been asked to go, possibly at gun point. Otherwise why would Moinul keep on giving long policy speech until late afternoon and why Dr (retd) Maj General ASM Motiur Rahman would deny resignation at 4 PM and agree to it at 5 PM?

Now we all know that these four have been kicked out. And we are also pretty sure that it was Army chief Gen Moeen U ahmed, who lashed the kick. But the question, can he save his leg after making the kick? The mad dog that he kicked, will definitely bite his legs. Lets see how deep the dog bite can be.

And, at the end, what is the moral of the story?

For Moinul, you got a advisor job. Be happy with your routine file work. Never ever try to talk policy and politics. You now know that that part is reserved for our full fledged General shahib.

For Geeti Ara, rememer that it is all right to occupy a country after holding the elected president at gun point. But never ever try to occupy a house by beating up an NRB professor.

For Tapan Chowdhury. A country is not a businesshouse, hey !! And never ever say government has nothing to do. They can do so much. They can lock up national leaders, they can keep remanding people for months after months and then frame up false cases. They can give birth to a big new chamcha class, they can butcher students and they can harrass/ jail Professors. They also can torture Cholesh Richhil to death.

And for MAj Gen retd ASM Motiur Rahman. Never forget the eternal importance of licking the boot of the general in power now. Who cares how many years junior he is to you. Lick the full fledged General Shahib’s boot morning and afternoon, you are good to go. ( Try to learn from boot lickers like Kamal Hossain, Mahfuz Anam et el)