So where the buck stops? Initially some may have had an utopian belief that it was Fakhruddin Ahmed. Then someone kept thinking of Masud u Chowdhury, who led the 1/11 coup, as the concerned authority. And lately the name of Zahangir Alam, a Lt general and the Quarter Master General of Bangladesh Army is coming up as a major power broker. Despite all these speculations, Army chief, General Moeen U Ahmed has successfully managed to look like the man in control.
With the sacking of four apparently powerful advisors ( keeping Moinul apart, with two relatives in the cabinet, Geeti Ara shafiya Chy was not less powerful either) the question again came up, who makes these decisions. No doubt Fakhruddin is the puppet. He caries orders of his master. And if one looks at the steps this government is taking lately, one must see the slow materialization of the policies laid out by General Moeen in the speeches he made during early days of his rule.
So the next question is who is Moeen and does 1/11 means Moeen? Who Moeen represents? Is he the embodiment of the toiling masses of Bangladesh? Or is he simply the symbol of all powerful Bangladesh armed forces?
Common sense and a little bit knowledge of the personnel at the top leadership of Bangladesh army will lead us to believe that this “General Moeen-1/11 government-the school text book assertion of Ershad instead of Zia as the architect of SAARC” axis does not represent Bangladesh armed forces. Then, does he represent the toiling masses? Hell no. Yes, a mall part of the mass, some middles class bourgeois car owning Dhakaite and and a small group of suburb living ‘do nothing’ mediocre NRB professionals may support him . But in the big picture of Bangladesh reality, these group is minuscule.
Still 1/11 means Moeen, but this Moeen is neither the embodiment of Bangladesh Armed forces nor the dream representative of the toiling masses. This Moeen represents a very powerful quarter in Bangladesh. In fact this powerful quarter is the dreamer and facilitator of 1/11. In that context General Moeen is the embodiment of a combination of larger than life figures like Kamal Hossain, Rehman Sobhan, Mahfuz Anam, Motiur`Rahman, Debapriya Bhattachariyan, Faridur Reza Shagor or other civil society leaders AKA retired bureaucrates or Generals like Mr. Shahjahan, M A Hafiz, Gen retd Hasan mashud, Gen Shakhawat or other so called civil society leaders. These folks took a big risk by going against two major political leaders of the country and at this point to save the skin over their gluteal region, they must make Moeen the winner. So when you see or hear Moeen, make no mistake about it that it is either kamal Hossain or Monzur Elahi or Enam ahmed chowdhury or Saadat Hossain speaking. They are hiding under the facade of Moeen. Remember that these people, e.g. kamal Hossain knows quite well that they will never be able to pass the first hurdle of democracy i.e. win an elction. For them, 1/11 kind of conspiracy is the only way in. Moeen is the tool here.



It is NOT Moeen stupid.