Islamabad burns as news of Benazir’s assassination spreads. CNN/BBC trot out the usual tripe about “south asian curse” and a “long tradition of assassinations”. No mention of the main reasons for instability on the subcontinent.

Ayesha Siddiqa is a military analyst and author of MILITARY INC. (banned by Musharraf gov’t). Speaking on Sky News an hour after the assassination, she said “It is really time the military gets out of politics.”

Military Inc.The Bhuttos mean all manner of things to us. Zulfikar Bhutto precipitated the 1971 Bangladesh genocide when he refused to accept Mujib’s victory in 1970. I will break the leg of any politician who goes to East Pakistan, he said. Nine months
and a million deaths, Zulfikar Bhutto got his wish. He got to be PM of a new Pakistan, leaving East Pakistan to Mujib.

Later Bhutto was hanged by Zia ul Huq. But not before he finished the book “If I Am Assassinated”. Benazir took on the mantle of “Daughter of the East”. Mostly hyperbole and exaggeration in that book, but this is not the time to speak ill of the dead.

Then the return of Benazir. Her brother Murtaza was openly feuding with Benazir’s husband Asif Zardari. One day in 1997, Murtaza was killed in a Karachi gun battle for which many blame Benazir (I heard an urban legend that her mother stopped talking to her). Another brother died mysteriously in Paris. Who knows why? And now Benazir. Blood to blood.

All roads lead to the army. Not some mythical, Ramayana-Quran combo “curse”, but rumbling machines and money. Lots of money, much of it American.