Victory day greetings for all my readers.  Today is the 37th anniversary of our historic 1971 victory against oppression and colonialism of Pakistan.  In 1971, the fight was for emancipation from the oppression of the west.  Victory day of this year comes at a time when we are back to the days of oppression, class divide, fear, torture, arrest and intellectual persecution. Our victory was meant to be for everybody in Bangladesh, whether you live inside or outside of the beautifully landscaped wall in the picture.

[Photo Courtesy: Shafiur Rahman. Click here for full size better resolution image.]

Unfortunately Bangladesh celebrates the 37th victory anniversary when she is ruled by a government which is by the people, for the people and of the people who live inside that landscaped wall. The festivities of 37th victory do not reach the people outside the wall as it also does not reach the decomposing bodies under the rubbles of Rangs Bhaban or the shelter less orphans in cyclone Sidr ravaged coasts. And this victory day is also meaningless for the half a million people who have been arrested since 11 January 2007.

We only can hope that by next victory day, we will have a government which will have the courage to let people enjoy the fundamental right of freedom until they are convicted of any crime. And unlike the quarter million who are in jail today under suspicion only, nobody will be behind the bar only with suspicion. And let’s also hope that by the next victory day, we will get back a government where the people living outside the wall have a voice too.