In 1970 we were not independent, communication and cyclone warning system in coastal Bangladesh as well as good will of the government was abysmal. Hence 300,000 to 500,000 lives were lost.
In 1991, there was adequate warning, government had all the good intentions but adequate shelter infrastructure and awareness among coastal population were missing. And we lost 100,000 to 300,000 lives.
Another 1991 style category five storm just had the landfall in southwestern Bnagladesh. I can tell, from what I see in Bangladesh TV, the warning is not bad at all ( ALthough not as good as 1991, when Kahleda Zia herself gave an address to the nation over radio TV only to advise the coastal people to take shelter). Massive infrastructure and awareness have been built since 1991 cyclone.

We can hope that not a single life will be lost in this cyclone of November 2007. I also can hope that adequate steps have been taken to protect the post cyclone food supply chain. The eye of the storm will cross the Sundarbans. Hope the several hundred strong Bnegal tiger population survive 40 feet tidal waves.

God bless Bangladesh. God belss the people of Bangladesh.