BNP 1983

1. The founder and all in all Ziaur Rahman is dead. Legtiimate-demoratic heir, Justice Sattar failed to stand up to the expectation.
2. A military General unlawfully removed elected and constitutuional BNP government. BNP is in serious zeopardy.
3. All top brass BNP politicians deserted the party. In fact at some point, starting BNP number 2 Shah Aziz, , top 20-50 leaders deserted mainstream BNP to fomr the king’s party fraction of BNP. Rest of the leadership were in jail with corruption charges. Prominent among the jailed were Moudud Ahmed, Saifur Rahman etc. Many leaders with corruption charges were hiding . Col Oli Ahmed was one of the leaders in hiding.
4. Khaleda Zia was brought in to hold the party from imploding and was appointed vice Chairman of the party by party chairman Justice Sattar. But no one ever thought in their wildest dream that Khaleda could hold the party. She was alreday marked ( by huge propaganda machine) as a ‘matric pass’ ( High school graduate) housewife.
5. The turncoats with Shah Aziz, Matin, Shasul Huda called for reform in the party. They called for a council in ‘Beauty cinema hall’. They sacked party Chairmen Justice Sattar and Vice Chair Khaleda and other jialed or hiding leaders like Saifur Rahman, Moudud Ahmed, Col oli etc and adopted a resolution to elect Shamsul Huda as president and MA Matin as SG.
6. There was open government backing to promote the turncoat group led bu Huda Matin.
7. Khaleda Zia was made unwanted in Naya Paltan party office and the party office in Naya Paltan was given away to the turncoat fraction. ( That office efefctively remained out of BNP hand until BNP took back power by 1991 election).
8. Any midlevel or grass roots leaders who dared speak out against turncoats like Shah Aziz, Huda, Matin etc. were arested and tortured by army led joint forces.
9. Khaleda Zia continued her relentless struggle to rebuild the party out of scratch. She was first put on house arrest in 1984, less than 3 years after her husband’s death.
10. Khaleda Zia boycotted all the election under the illegal regime. Her party office, party election symbol were hijacked under the patronage of the government.

The rest is history.

BNP 2007

1. Khaleda Zia and both her two sons are in jail.
2. Some general, some edtor, some elites of the society unlawfully ocupied the state power in their grip.
3. Top BNP leadership including number 2 Mannan Bhuiyan, Saifur Rahman, L G Mahbubur Rahman, Osman Faruq, Sadeq Hossain Khoka and many others betrayed Khaleda Zia and her family and deserted the party during its bad time in their bid to be part of the new ruling cotery. Rest of the senior leadership including Moudud Ahmed, Khondokar Mosharrah Hossain etc are in jail. Many other senior leadership like Abdullah AL Noman, Morshed Khan are in hiding.
4. An unassuming non elite grassroots politician Kh Delwar Hossain and a retired Brig General Hannan Shah steal the moral upper ground by standing up to hold the leadership helm. On the face of intense pressure and fear mongering, student leadership of 80s like those of Rizvi Ahmed, Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon, Habibunnabi Sohel stood up behind those brave souls like Delwar Hossain.
5. The military General run government again try to hijack BNP with the help of a new batch of turncoats like Mannan Bhuiyan, Saifur Rahman, Maj Hafizuddin etc.

6.All the government machinery like police forces, election commission etc go under the control of the turncoat fraction and they together start conspirating to destroy the mainstream BNP.

7. BNP party office in Naya paltan remains locked and guarded by police. Under unpededented government protection and police help the turn coat group is given the ownership of the bulding.

8. The miltary backed government makes the country a republic of fear. Those who refuse to be the betrayer to the activists, leaders and supporters face extreme hardship by relentless pressure from military intelliegence agencies.
9. Conspiracy starts to give the party’s election symbol to te turncoat fraction .
10. A new generation of BNP activists and well wishers from all over brace for a long protrated battle.

The history repeats itself. And it WILL repeat itself.