Looks like political dichotomy started taking shape in Bangladesh. Jaijaidin apparently defied DGFI directive not to publish the photo and description of jutapeta of ex military chief and BNP ( Moeen U) fraction leader Lt Gen Mahbubur Rahman.


This picture shows that the grassrots support is still behind mainstream BNP


And exposes the bankruptcy of those who claims to hold moral authority against corruption and misgovernance.


While Major Hafiz was distributing police pass ( How he gets police pass?) to let only friendly people enter, it became clear that he is scared of the grassroots activists who were waiting patiently outside for hours.


And until Major Hafiz finishes building his  Ershad style mercenery, police is doing the job for him.


And all these happen under the cover of state of emergency and all the leaders are either arrested and or in hiding.

[Photo Courtesy JaiJaiDin]