While this military government slowly takes their mask and gloves off, they needed a smoke screen to hide their dirty jobs. Hence they created the greatest ever smokescreen in Bangladesh politics. This smoke screen has many layers with ever increasing number of layers to make it more perfect. Here is the composition of this smokescreen now.

1. The spirit of 1971 and an the overwhelming hatred against the collaborators of 1971. Just ignite the anger.
2. Rekindling the friction between Mujib and Zia’s followers. Channel I suddenly comes up with an interview of a mastermind of 1975 coup, Kh Rashid. To the maximal convenience of the rulers, He blames Zia for Mujib killing.
3. Drug, women and sex. Or more specifically Yaba-Nikita-girl friend-yaba induced media imagined sexual perversion.

The upcoming layers..

4. 21 st August grenade attack on Sheikh Hasina. Somehow make an imaginery connection of harkat Ul Jihad with a BNP MP. Then have Prothom Alo and Amader Shomoy publish an ‘confession’ of the MP that the grenade attack was done at Tareq Zia’s order.
5. More sex more women more drug. RAB/Joint commisison raid in FDC and all the cheesy story about the sex stuff.
6. Bangabandhu murder trial. In a convenient time for the CTG, the trial will begin. And if somehow Zia can be dragged into it, no more worry.

But, let me tell you one thing. Those illetarate, slum and rural people of Bangladesh are much smarter than those cantonment and gulshan living elites. When enough rage will pile up, no smokescreen will be able to hide the black snakes of this CTG. Trust me.