Courtesy: Bohurupi

This is how ex BNP leader, currently a founding member of Moeen U’s party, Le Ge Ma Ra ( Lt Gen Mahbubur Rahman) was given jutapeta ( Shoe treatment) by BNP grass roots today.

UPDATE: Here is E-Bangladesh topless Photo and story of Le Ge Ma Ra.

The following interesting thing happened today at Zia’s mausoleum:
1. CTG totally shunned 7th November. ( This is not a problem if they did not believe in 7th Nov.). But the problem is in the fact that, those who are running the government are all believers of 7th November change. But they are trying to wear a facade of center-left to be able to use Awami league to reach their goal.

2. BNP ( Moeen U fraction) leaders Saifur and Hafiz along with a dozen leaders visited Zia mausoleum under heavy RAB/police escort and left the scene ASAP. Still Le Ge Ma Ra got a good shoe beating on his way out. After telecasting this beting scene once, most channels blacked it out in their 7 PM news.

3. When the real BNP came with RA Gani and Hannan Shah, the police swiftly changed their job description. From protections of leaders, they resorted to crowd control when thousands of activists followed these leaders inside the mausoleum