The premises of the formation of the 1/11 government is an independent election Commission which would be totally free of any sort of government influence. This basic foundation of this 1/11 government has just collapsed as the EC became a party to the conspiracy of the ruling coterie in breaking a political party and promoting a turncoat fraction for their own gain. With this following news, the last remaining hope that this CTG named military government will stick to its main job that is forming an independent election commission, holding a free and fair election and give the country back to a democratically elected political government has just evaporated.

BD just reported that

EC invites Hafizuddin to dialogue

The Election Commission Monday invited Hafizuddin Ahmed, acting secretary general of BNP, to reform dialogue set for November 22, an official said. M Saifur Rahman, acting chief of the troubled party, will lead the delegation to the talks on election reforms, as part of the main election office’s series of dialogues with political parties. EC secretary Humayun Kabir told reporters that an invitation letter was sent out by a special messenger to the party’s main office in Naya Paltan and Hafizuddin’s Banani home.

OK, my dear nation, and my dear Awami League activists/supporters, are you still dreaming that this government will hold a free and fair election and handover power to a government of your choice? First, very shamelessly they caused a split in BNP and then, going beyond all possible political norm and nicety, this government made Election Commission serve their purpose. Isn’t it enough an evidence that whatever dialogue dialogue game this government is playing now, the results of the 2008 election has already been decided?

They probably have succeeded in stealing the name and the symbol of BNP. I do not think, the grassroots passion will follow the turncoats. A jailed Khaleda will become the hero. Khaleda led mainstream BNP will shun the EC from now on.
This military led government, with the help of shrewd RATS, will try to coax Awami League into becoming the partner in the election game. But the coveted goal will never be allowed to be scored by Awami League. The result of the election is already prepared.

Its about the time you wake up from the day dream my dear nation.