This Bodi Majumdar was the instrumental intellectual warrior against politicization of EC during Khaleda Zia rule. He was all over, all vocal in favor of EC which will be free of political influence. And he did leave no stone unturned in finding out every possible fault the previous EC could make.

But today, on the eve of another politically motivated, ill-intentioned act of EC, he is already out with sword to defend the decision.

The shocking unlawful and immoral election commission rule of depriving mainstream BNP of EC recognition came late yesterday evening. I presume prothom-Alo went to press within a couple of hours. And in that couple of hours, he came up with this rather long piece of garbage in the name of BNP constitution analysis to defend the catastrophic decision of Election commission. Look at this Bodi Majumdar! What, then, did he preach all these years!! And after his menacingly long piece of trash analysis he concludes that the decision of EC should be supported in greater public interest. Which public you are talking about Mr Bodi the Majumdar? And what interest you are talking about? And what was your real interest all these years?