Saudi Arabia executes 3 Bangladeshis
Agence France-Presse . Riyadh
Three Bangladeshis were beheaded in Saudi Arabia on Friday after being convicted of robbery and sexual assault, the interior ministry said. Thakeer Abdul Rahman, Tafeel Abdul Rasheed and Nayoon Jowley were executed in the kingdom’s capital city Riyadh for breaking into the home of a fellow Bangladeshi, robbing him at knifepoint and sexually assaulting his wife, the ministry said in a statement carried by the official SPA news agency.

Many questions come to my mind,

1. Did they really do the crime? There have been many allegation that local Saudi’s crimes are usually covered by scapegoating poor illiterate foreign workers.

2. Did they get a lawyer to represent them? Was there any appeal process?

3. Did Saudi Government bother to notify the family of those convicted or at least Bangladesh government? Isn’t it a diplomatic norm to notify the country whose citizen are being executed?

4. Where was Bangladesh embassy? Did they know of the case? What did they do to legally represent them?

5. Howcome no Bangladeshi media knew of it until after they were beheaded?

6. The three names sound too strange to be Bangladeshi names. Waht is going on?

7. How these three poor souls felt while waiting death in a solitary chamber in a Saudi jail? Could they communicate as Saudi criminal system runs in arabic only? Did they long for their long left green village, the little river while awaiting death? Did they get some rice and daal during the weeks awaiting death?

8 Did any Saudi cheer in joy when these three were lined up in a public square in Riyadh and being slaughtered?

[Stop the Barbarism. Say No To death penalty]