BNP Secretary general Khondokar Delwar Hossain was threatened to be killed by intelliegence agency officials on Sunday evening. This threats were confirmed to the press by Major Akhteruzzzaman. While Kh delwar was seen busy in party activities until Sunday, he was suddenly reported to be admitted in BIRDEM Hospital on Monday morning and he is now even missing from there. Reports have been flying around that he may have been kidnapped by military intelligence agency DGFI agents. A commenter just posted this appeal in this blog,

I’ve chance to talk with a close relative of KDHOSSAIN. His and his family’s life under danger!!! Pl. raise your voice. Brig. Amin and Fazlul Bari of DGFI repeatedly treatened him to kill through medication/injection and also threatened to kill all memebers of his family. Pl. let human right commission, international organizations know this matter. PL. HELP HIM AND HIS FAMILY!!!

Also missing is another senior outspoken BNP leader Brig General Hannan Shah. It is not yet clear what is the fate other BNP leaders who dared remain vocal during this bad time. Rizvi Ahmed is prominant among them.

The military junta in Bangladesh has crossed all the limits of decency. It is about time a resistence begins.

Look what they have done to my country!