What was going on behind a veil of decency has finally exposed its’ ugly face.

This military crony desperately needed an exit partner. They tried many ways. Their plans failed one after another. Latest we saw was an attempt to rob two leaders, Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia of the leaderships of their parties and implant some turncoats and agents of the current Military government. That plan was gloriously defeated by the grassroots activists and mid level leaders of the two major political parties. After the efforts to take over BNP and AL failed miserably, the defeated forces kept trying.As a result, we see a Tofail Ahmed led AL delegate for EC which will have turncoats like Abu Sayeed, Manna etc. While Sazeda Chy got implicated in corruption case and another dissenting voice, Motia Chy remained suspiciously silent lately.

And in BNP,  recently a new conspiracy started in the name of unity. Mannan Bhuiyan kept struggling to serve his masters after horribly flunking the initial attempts to hijack BNP. Talks on party unity started. Certain newspapers ( prothom Alo at forefront) started driving the process of somehow installing Mannan Bhuiyan/ his crony as the Secy general again. Per their wishful thinking AKA reporting, “Delwar was doing badly, he was not popular at all, he had other problems etc and there was a strong demand from the grass root to re-install Mannan Bhuiyan… etc. “BNP Secy General Khondker Delwar Hossain started facing intimidation. Protom Alo started re-reporting his and his son’s alleged crimes. Delwar Hossain and his family were barred from performing prayers at Shahjalal shrine at Sylhet. This intimidation coordinated with shrewd invasion tactics by Mannan bhuiyan group was, however, not sufficient to take control of BNP. Kh delwar was holding the fort with quite a resolve (It is clearly evident how prudent was Khaleda Zia’s decision to fire Mannan at the last moment and install Delwar).

With the date of EC sending a letter to mainstream BNP coming closer, the turncoats and their backers got more and more desparate to somehow snatch BNP. The latest, as reported by BDNews24.com, was a direct government threat to Khondker Delwar Hossain to attend a meeting at Saifur Rahman’s house and hand over party to Saifur Rahman and Mannan Bhuiyan. Quoting BNP maverick leader Akhteruzzaman, BD News also reports that the intelligence agency members visited Khondker delwar’s house earlier today, abused him verbally, threatened to kill him and ordered to attend the meeting at Saifur Rahman’s house by 730 PM Monday and help appoint saifur Rahman as acting chair and Mannan Bhuiyan as acting SG.

Here is the excerpts from BDNews24.com report,

Akhteruzzaman alleges intelligence agents asked Delwar to give up BNP pos
Mon, Oct 29th, 2007 11:08 pm BdST Dhaka, Oct 29 (bdnews24.com) – Former BNP MP Md Akhteruzzaman Monday claimed that two senior officials of an intelligence agency had asked party secretary general Khandaker Delwar Hossain to leave his post in 24 hours.In a written statement to the media, he said the officials had allegedly asked Delwar to go to the house of former finance minister M Saifur Rahman by 7:30pm Monday and declare Saifur the party’s acting chairperson and Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan secretary general.
The former MP, .. also alleged that the intelligence agents had threatened to kill Delwar unless he complied with the order.The officials went to Delwar’s home Sunday, he said.Delwar, last seen in BIRDEM hospital Monday evening, could not be reached immediately for his version of events.“They not only threatened the secretary general but aimed verbal abuse at me. If necessary, they will even kill me for helping Delwar,” he said. The officials allegedly told Delwar that “Begum Khaleda Zia will not be allowed anymore to do politics on the soil of Bangladesh”, the statement said.Akhteruzzaman sought intervention from the army chief and said people expected “rule of law”.“Nobody is above the law,” he said.“It’s not the job of an intelligence agency or officials of such agency to decide who will be the party’s secretary general, the president or who will do politics,” said Akhteruzzaman, former MP from Kishoreganj-2 constituency.“Everything has a limit. I think government officials—military or civilian—should not stretch the limits of responsibilities, nor should they go out of their way.”bdnews24.com contacted several senior government officials and advisers, including information adviser Mainul Hosein, for comment.Mainul only said: “I would not comment on it as I did not read the statement.”

Latest news per the newspapers says that the junta has finally managed to cause a division in central leadership in BNP. A new BNP was formed with Saifur Rahman as acting chair person and Maj Hafiz as SG. Extreme form of fear tactic was crucial no doubt. It was a face saving thing for the illegal military government, as sending the invitation to Mannan Bhuiyan was impossible under any standard of legitimacy. Latest news also reports that both Kh delwar Hossain (? admitted in hospital to prevent arrest) and Brig Hannan Shah were missing.

The way Khondker delwar Hossain was holding BNP together, the courage and conviction he is showing in the face of relentless pressure/threats from the government is an example our media esp the editors need to learn from.

And the way the military government with the help of Manan Bhuiyan gong managed to capture BNP today, there remains no scope for any more hope on this government to deliver back democracy by a free and fair election. For everybody concerned it is now a point of no return. Simply a one way lane to either submission to fear tactic of this army junta or protest the junta by all means.

Its about the time you pick your side my friends.

Update 1:

Per New Age report:

Apart from Mannan Bhuiyan, each of the BNP leaders was accompanied by an unknown person, witnesses said.
When asked if the unknown persons accompanying the leaders were members of any law enforcement or intelligence agency, a guard at Saifur’s residence said he did not know any of them and that he had never seen them before.
Intelligence sources said they were asked to monitor the movement of all the members of the BNP standing committee since Sunday night.
A close associate of Khaleda Zia, asking not to be named, said those who went to the meeting betrayed the party.
Meanwhile, Delwar Hossain’s family said he was admitted to BIRDEM Hospital on Monday afternoon. Delwar, however, could not be traced at the hospital or reached over phone.
Of the other BNP standing committee members, Obaidur Rahman is dead while Barrister Moudud Ahmed and Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain are in jail and Abdul Matin Chowdhury is ill.

Update 2

E-Bangladesh has more alarming description of this event in this scoop.