An overwhelming majority of Bangladesh do believe that top Jamaat leaders including the Emir, Seretary general, and other senior leaders like kader Mollah, Saidee etc have actively opposed liberation war of 1971, supported Pak army in 1971 and took part in the mass killing of the intellectuals during late 1971.

Similarly a large portion of Bangladesh do also feel disgust when different political parties demand ban on Jamaat e islami when they meet general Moeen or they get a chance to visit the EC. What kind of shameless demand is it? Now a government is power whose legitimacy is questionable and the generals are trying to rob the nation of all the freedom it enjoyed over the last 15 years. On what righteousness of mind one would go and humbly request him to ban jamaat? Who is the general or the EC to ban a party? If you do believe in banning, please come out elected and then ban whoever you want to with people’s mandate.

What a shame. Its sounds like, ‘ I can’t touch jammat with my own power. So respected General Sir, you are very powerful man Sir, Please Ban jamaat for us Sir. You came to power Sir. This is a chance for us to ban jamaat Sir. Please help us use the chance Sir….etc”.

Politicians should not think the people as a bunch of fools. People understand it clearly that demands for banning jamaat has nothing to do with the spirit of 1971. It has more to do with the political calculations of winning an election. These headless politicians also forget that if jamaat is vanished from the scene, the ultimate gainer will be other radical Islamist parties like Hijbut Tahrir. Is hijbut tahrir better because it leaders are not collaborators of 1971?

We tend to forget that the strongest response to what Mujahid or S. A. Hannan said is not by spitting or yelling at them. There are better ways. This, this or this are the examples. The more you inform the nation, the more passionately or positively you describe your war of freedom, the weaker Mujahid or Saidee will be.