eid.jpgLately Eid Greetings means a mass email with a couple of hundeds e mail addresses piled up together and buried under these hundreds of email addresses; a two word sentence— “Eid Mubarak. from XX, XY, xx and xy.” Or a link to something like 123greetings.com. If you are stupid enough to open that link in a public place or at work, a sudden loud music will catch everybodies raised eyebrow attention towrds you.

But during those boyhood days down memory lane, Eid Greetings used to mean a lot more. As a little boy we used to go to the stationary/School supply store, called the “library’ at the local bazaar. We used to buy a sheet of art papper, a couple of ‘sign pen’ and occassionally a painting box. Then there used to be the ultimate exercise of childhood creativity. Initially the idea was limited to cutting the ‘art paper’ and folding it into a greeting card like shape. Then we used to draw a minerate with a crescent peeping behind it. At the bottom of the minerate there used to be the shadow of Dhaka skyline. The Eid card was then dried very carefully and mailed to out of town cousines. In those days you only could get those cheaply printed minerate marka Eid cards. Later, a radical change took place in Eid greetings card market too. Beatiful aesthetically designed cards on embossed or other special papers with mosaic work of tree leaves, bamboo leaves and eye catching color combination were made available in the market places. Lately I hear that after internet revolution in Bangladesh, this greeting card industry also took a big hit. People now do the duty by sending a mass email rather than making or buying and mailing those beautiful eid cards. Jajabar is always right— “Biggan diyechhe beg, kere niyechhe abeg”, Science has given us the speed but robbed us of the emotions of life.

Eid Mubarak to you all my dear friends.