Cartoonist Arifur Rahman is in jail now. He, as a freelance cartoonist, used to make a living by drawing cartoon. He is in jail for drawing a cartoon which I don’t believe he drew with an evil intention. In his judgement, the cartoon was not insulting to Muhammad or Islam. Exactly this is my judgement too. And even if he drew the cartoon intentionally, he does not deserve to be in jail for that.
I urge all not to forget Arifur Rahman.

At the same time I also demand immediate release of Mr Nurul Islam who was working to improve the life of Afghan people as an area manager of the NGO, BRAC. It has been a week since Mr Islam has been abducted. A video footage was shown yesterday in Afghan TV which shows Mr Islam lying on the rocks of a mountain slope. He was blidfolded, his arms and legs are tied, and he was trying to tell something. The abductors warned to start dismembering him one limb at a time if a ransom of $ 500,000 is not paid immediately.

I know those who are holding Arif and Nurul Islam will not listen to my request. Still I  urge all to raise our voices demanding their release. The louder the better.