Thanks to 1/11 style honestocracy for 38 years, Burma is now at the bottom of Transparency Internationals CPI list. In Bangladesh we thought a poor CPI was because of those two ladies and their thug followers.

And Burma is raging tonight.

With politics systematically destroyed, only political leder ( Another dynastic despot !) under house arrest for almost a decade, Burma has none but the safron robed monks and nuns left to protest on behalf of the suffering 50 million people. And who are guarding the monks by forming human chain along the streets in Rangoon? The poor marginalized street people. The educated, well fed happy middleclass however remain gleeful and contendedat the continued good governance by the junta.

Does it ring any bell to us in Bangladesh? Any hint?

Well, if things go on the way it is going on in Bnagladesh, it will not need 38 years, 5 years only will be enough. Like Burma, we will have none but the Islamic version of the monks to protest the 1/11 regime. And unlike Monks, the Islamic version of the monks do believe in combining religion and state and also resorting to violence.


[Photo curtesy Burmese blogger Ko Htike]

Anyway, lets see what Burmese junta think of the current developements. Here are some excerpts from the statement of Brigadier General Thura Myint Maung, minister for religious affairs,

A group of people – with ill-intentions – inside and outside the country, who are committing destructive acts, have continuously been instigating the people politically in recent days. This is happening because a group of internal and external destructive elements …………………………..The current protest marches on the streets that are taking place in the country are systematically planned and executed from abroad.

Do our government has a statement writing treaty with the Burmese Junta?