It’s been more than two months since former PM and Awami League leader Sheikh Hasina was arrested and sent to jail. Looks like, in this 2 and half months, people have already forgotten her. They have forgotten the fact that this leader could not talk to any of her children during the last 75 days. The elder sister of the family, this leader, who lost both her parents, all her three younger brothers, uncles, aunts, cousines in one night: depends very much on he children and the only surviving sister for needed emotional support. She has been deprived of all these. And people have already forgotten that only five months ago she was being prevented from returning to Bangladesh from US and UK. She had the option of staying either in US or UK as a fee person with her sister and children. But she decided to return and face the justice in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is too strong a stake for her.

Similarly, the other leader, Khaleda Zia, two time former PM and leader of BNP, is also in jail for a month. People also started forgetting her. And they alreday forgot that only 5 months ago, these leader, with her son Koko, daughter in laws, grand children, were almost forced out of the country. Lavish royal hosts were waiting to greet them, aircrafts were ready to fly them out. This leader, Khaleda Zia, who lost her husband at her 30s, raise two boys as single mom, among all the political doldrum, resisted the extradition and decided to stay at home. She knew both she and Koko would be arrested, yet opted to face justice at home. Impending jail was preferred over a royal host.

These are just reminders. While these two leaders rot in jail and face justice, its worth mention that both of them had the option to evade this ordeal. They decided not to do so. While you remain gleeful and cheer the jail and your prejudgement, just remember that they dared brace it.
Just remember that.

And also please remember that the other person, who took over the chair these two ladies occupied for the 15 years, had an option to opt for Bangladesh but he declined that. It is alleged that in 1971, while all the Bangalis all over the world mobilized to help independent Bangladesh, he, studying in USA, remained a loyal Pakistani CSP for the sake of his career. And even after Bangladesh became independent sovereign country, he maintained his pakistani citizenship until late seventies. He finally decided to return, as he may have thought that move would help his career. It indeed helped his career.

Remember that.