These are very frustrating times. Everytime I build up hope on the remaining untainted mechinery of the CTG, I get disappointed, I cringe in disbelief.

Just see todays events,

1. Election Commission Rebuffs BNP delegation:

I have been hoping that the election commission will remain what it is supposed to be. I expected a neutral, fair, pragmatic EC ( Isn’t this the prime reason this government is here for?) and after listening to the chief EC, I saw reasons to be hopeful of. But latest activities by the commission suggest ominous developements.

Today, Election Commissioner ex brigedier Shakhawat Hossain expressed his anger at a political party BNP. The reason; he didn’t like the idea that an office secretary of a party can dare complain to them in a written letter. For him, Mr Rizvi Ahmed, the office secretary of BNP is too lowly to dare write a letter to CEC. ( He apparently forgot that when he, as a martial law officer of Ershad, was allegedly stealing CI sheets in Rangamati, this Rizvi Ahmed, then RUCSU VP, was a national icon of peoples’ protest against the dictator). Mr Shakhawat also contradicted Mr Rizvi’s allegations that he or other EC was in touch with Mannan led faction of BNP. (However, the fact is that, I saw in my own eyes, the TV footage of all the EC/CEC sitting, smiling with wide mouth when Mannan’s delegation led by Mufazzal Karim went to meet the CEC less than two weeks ago). Mr shakhawat surely did not demean himself by meeting Mr Rizvi Ahmed or even receiving the letter in person. However, immediately after his rebuff of Rizvi Ahmed, another young politician, much much junior than Rizvi Ahmed, Mr. Mahi B Chowdhury was seen leaving EC secretariate after meeting Mr Shakhawat Hossain.

2. The case against Khaleda Zia is taking shape.

Recently some strange arrests arec taking place. We were told that Mr. Simon Akbar is the prime person of interest in this case. Finally he got arrested today from his office at Gilshan. We thought he was hidding. And lo and behold, after arrest he was directly sento jail after an confessional statement in front of a magistrate. So, where is the remand? Yesterday two other young businessmen also got arrested in this connection and they all faced the same fate, very identical instant confession and excape remand fro jail cell. A bunch of politicians and very senior government officials are either being implicated in the case or being served notice to be the witness. ” We need a friend”:: Hint hint! Who dare not be friend of this government at this time?

These all sound and look too much of a coincidence or law taking its own natural course. Some puppet master is playing quite a game here. Someone is guiding justice through quite welplanned roadmap.

3. What Happened to CSB news channel?

The news channel was supposed to be suspended only for seven days pending submission oif explanations about the allegations of paperwork anomaly. It is now almost 20 days and we so far have not seen any flicker of hope in resuming the transmission of CSB. I still can’t believe that this Fakhruddin led government will repeat the crime the previous government did by cancelling Ekushey TV broadcasting.
So all this hoopla of paperwork anomaly, is this administrative discipline or gross, crude fear technic? Kill one, the rest will be scared to death.

Probably thats why when I was listening to channel I news that day about factory workers violent protests at Tejgaon, I really got an impression that it was nothing but a clash between two groups of workers. Some bad elements came to destroy some export oriented factory and some good owners/workers chased them away. Channel I also interviewed people who were proud members of the chasing team. They however did not interview those who were chased out. And have you lookd at Channel I political show Tritiyo matra lately? Its not tritiyo matra anymore. Its pure, unadulterated government propaganda.

Welcome to the rebublic of fear, conspiracy and hypocrisy.