Mr Mustakim, the chief of inter-ministerial committee on control of price hike has delivered a very important startegic plan to control skyrocketing price of essentials. According to his plan, as I heard him talk in TV,

1. People need to starve to reduce food prices. Following the advise of our prophet ” Muhammad”, the nation need to keep 1/3rd of their stomach empty. According to the strategic plan, this step will reduce food price by 1/3 rd.
2. To control high price of Begun ( eggplant), he advised to make Beguni with pepe. So in fact that will be pepeni. He however did not elaborate what will be pepe price when the whole nation, listening to his advise, will race towrads pepe.

……………. Air Vice Marshall ( Now jailed) Altaf does not sound as stupid anymore.


Our Chief Advisor Fakhruddin Ahmed stole Khaleda Zia’s show. During last five years, Khaleda used to invite some orphans from orphanage to have iftar with her. Mr Fakhruddin has repeated the same heart wrenching gesture of overflowing sympathy for the orphan children. Dr fakhruddin Ahmed, however, had a more colorful guestlist than Khaleda. In the party of Etims ( Orphans), he also included the all powerful Baitul Mukarram Khatib, Moulana Obaidul haque.


Visiting US foreign office under secretary, Mr “Guest Right”, has paid  a visits to Dr Fakhr U Ahmed and Gen Moeen U ahmed and certified that this government is doing all the right things.

Om Shanti.