Mr Mukul Bose changed his mind and has just declared that there would be no council and election participation without Sheikh Hasina. However only a couple of weeks ago, Mr Bose told exactly the opposite. Critiques may attribute his sudden change in mind to an unwanted incident that took place in front of Awami League office last week.

On a separate occassion, the first political iftar party of this season took place in Dhaka yesterday. Observers waited for this event and the media hype was quite a thing about Mr Mannan Bhuiyan’s Iftar party cum political showdown. It, now looks like that the mountains have delivered a mouse and despite some newspapers attempts to present it as the political moment of the century, we failed to see one single new face or single new direction. There were the same corrupt, limelight craving talkative turncoats chanting slogan for mannan Bhai.
Good luck Bangladesh.