I started seeing the shadow of Ershad in our current CTG’s activities.

Look, how they are handling BNP.
First they enticed in some power greedy ideology devoid turncoat politicians to work in their payrole with an aim to hijack the whole party. Failing to hijack the party as their stooges in BNP got expeled from the party, CTG now has actively started a scheme to capture the party office of BNP.
As indoor politics opened, party offices were supposed to be allowed to be opened. However BNP office remained under seige during the last two days.

No clear cause was given by the authorities. It is like a ‘mogh er mulluk’. You simply can do anything without any explanation. The talkative information minister, later hinted that it was done to prevent quarrel between two parties. How did they know that a quarrell may take place? How come this can be a policy of the government to entangle itself in a party’s internal affairs? On what ground they would prevent party officials from entering the office?
What sort of shameless act is this? Today I read, Mannan Bhuiyan group sent a letter to DMP that some people might take over party office and thats why police is guarding it. Who is Mannan Bhuiyan to warn of that and why police has to work to protect manan Bhuiyan’s request?

That day we saw, ex RU VP Rizvi Ahmed waited in DMP office for 2 and half hours and failed to meet any official.
Isn’t is again the use of police for petty political reason? Then what we have been hearing from the sweet talking IGP? He has been rambling that police will no longer be used for petty political reason. What does Mr Nur Muhammad, the IGP has to tell about this?

Then what waits for us in the future? It is clear that government shamelessly tried to help mannan Bhuiyan gong take over the BNP’s central office. Suppose government succeeds in doing that. Then what next? Have you seen the angry, frustrated, passionate BNP activists/supporters in front of the party office? Does Mnnan Bhuiyan has one single such spontenious supporter?
So what will happen to help keep Mannan Bhuiyan in the office? There will be a need for paid goons and thugs who will act as party cadres and will chase the opposing activists with gun, knife, etc under the protection of police. Didn’t we see these during Ershad regime when he was trying to promote JP and its student wing? No doubt we saw these scenerio during AL-BNP time too. Then where is the superiority of this honestocrates compared to the thugs and goons who ruled the country over the last 15 years?

Then we will have a Mannan Bhuiyan, we will have motorcycle riding, gun trotting cadres, we will have a government party.

Next step would be to have this party come out as winner in the upcoming election. The way government is shamelessly trying to help Manann hijack the party office, I think they will do the same shameless stuff to manipulate the election commission in forcing them to treat Mannan as the main fraction of the party.

If EC follows the tradition and remain a puppet of the government they will give in to government demand. And if that happens, I am seeing a return to the days of 1987 rather quickly.

I, however, still hope that someone in the EC will show the courage to defy the unjust order of the government. If they can do that, I feel a meaningful election is still possible. But if EC falters, selects Mannan as the mainstream and become part of the government’s evil scheme to hijack BNP, a disaster looms in the horizon.

[Update: Mr Mannan Bhuiyan just informs us, via TV interview, that the BNP party office will remain locked until a new council is held and and the new committee takes over. Now we know why and how long the party office will remain locked. Thank you Mannan Bhuiyan for clearing up confusions over Governments’ decision.]